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The Solar e Power™ Cube 1500 Plus is the ultimate portable power source. Charge up the internal battery with the fold-out and slide-out
solar panels. You can also charge with a home AC outlet or vehicle DC outlet. It’s great for running your AC, USB, or DC devices from anywhere. Additional solar panels and batteries can be connected for even more power.

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Portable and Renewable Power Source


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  • 1,500 watt power inverter
  • Two 115 volt AC outlets (220V also available upon request)
  • Two 12 volt accessory outlet for powering DC appliance (loads up to 15 amps)
  • Two USB power ports for charging/operating cell phones, MP3 players and tablet PCs
  • AC recharging adapter
  • DC recharging adapter (fused)
  • Digital voltmeter for checking battery status
  • Initial AC charge: up to 43.2 hours
  • Solar panel charging time: 32.4 hours peak sunlight


  • Dimensions: 53cm × 53cm × 37cm
  • Weight: 53 kg (116.6 lbs)
  • Warranty (excluding battery): 2 years


Solar panel max output 5 panels × 16W (80W built-in)
Solar panel type Monocrystalline
Solar panel efficiency 17%
Solar charge controller max input 20A
AC charger rated current 100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz, 12V DC 5A
Max solar panel array power Expandable up to 300W
AC output voltage (nominal) 115V AC, 60Hz ± 4Hz (220V also available upon request)
AC output power capacity (continuous) 1,500W (3,600 peak)
AC output waveform Modified sine wave
Operating/ storage temperature 32 °F–104 °F (0 °C–40 °C)
Maximum Inverter Efficiency 90%
No load current < 0.5A
Low battery alarm (nominal) 10.5V ± 0.5V
Low battery shutdown (nominal) 9.5 ± 0.5V
Internal battery type Sealed AGM/Gel Hybrid
Internal battery voltage (nominal) 12V DC
Internal battery capacity 100 Ah
Maximum load current through 12-volt
DC power socket (continuous)
DC Power Socket circuit breaker rating
(internal, automatic reset)
USB max output current 2.1A
AC Powered Products Watts Est. Operating time
Radio 4 250 hours
Compact Florescent Light 20 50 hours
Laptop Computer 65 13 hours
Ceiling Fan 100 9 hours 30 minutes
Desktop computer with 15” monitor 200 4 hours 18 minutes
Sony® Playstation® 3 Video Game Console 200 4 hours 18 minutes
40” LCD TV 200 4 hours 18 minutes
½” Drill * 750 45 minutes
Microwave Oven * 1000 30 minutes
Coffee Maker 1500 (max output) 10 minutes
DC Powered Products Watts Estimated Operating time
Smartphone * 6 160 hours
Tablet Computer 12 80 hours
Portable Cooler 30 30 hours
Air Compressor 100 9 hours, 30 minutes